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Reservation Date, Room, and People

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작성자 Gen 작성일22-07-20 19:23 조회197회 댓글1건


We plan to stay in Busan from October 18 to 22 for the Busan International Choral Festival. Do you have eight 3-Person Rooms that can accommodate 24 people for the date mentioned? How much will it cost us in total? Thank you so much.


스테이안님의 댓글

스테이안 작성일

Hello, Gen
We have 5 3-person rooms and 6 twin rooms.
I recommend 5 3-person rooms for 15 people and 4 twin rooms for 8 people and 1 singe room for one.
The cost for 4 nights is KRW 2,525,000.
Thank you.